1. Opening Ceremony Special Ticket: 5,000 JPY

Live Performance by a Special Guest + Admission Ticket with Advance Preview

2019/10/24/(Thu)15:00 Opening ~ 19:00

2. KNF Illustration Exhibition (Hatsune Miku/Kyoto/Illustrated Scroll of the Origin of Kitano Tenjin): 2,200 JPY

Illustration Exhibition Admission Ticket + Maple Garden Admission Tickets with Tea Cakes

 2019/10/25(Fri)~2019/11/8(Fri)9:00 Opening ~ 16:00

 2019/11/9 (Sat)~2019/12/8(Sun)9:00 Opening ~ 20:00

3. Sword Art Online and the Kitano Tenjin Mythical Tale Exhibition

Sword Art Online Collaboration/Treasure House Admission Ticket: 800 JPY

2019/10/25(Fri)~ 2019/12/8(Sun)9:00 Opening ~ 16:00(16:00 Last entry)

*From November 1st to 10th it won't be possible to access the Treasure House with the event admission ticket due to an ongoing private exhibition.

*All prices excluding tax.

*Child fare is applicable for children of over 3 years old up to elementary school.

The adult fare will be charged to junior high school students and older.


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